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Playing with Lost Ink’s Horse Print Maxi dress

A year ago I have come across this label called Lost Ink on Asos and it has quickly become one of my favorite high street labels. Taking the inspiration from London' street style, this label knows a thing or two about making a statement: fluid fabric, striking prints and feminine silhouettes. What more could you have asked for in a dress? The Lost Ink Horse Print Maxi Dress with Lace Up Belt, in particular, caught my attention. Well, I have seen it since last year but I thought the dress would be too long for me as it was already on

Goodbye Milano – Hello Bangkok!!

With this chapter closing on my life, I realize I have the power to turn my dream into reality...Goodbye Milano!! It's official I have left Milan and have moved back to Bangkok for... I don't know how long. Maybe longer than I thought or maybe shorter than I thought. I don't want to put the 'end date' as it has never been as planned. Actually, I was supposed to be in Milan for 2 years but ended up being there for a year. I was so in love with the city when I was visiting. However, once I became a

The Getaway Essentials ft. HomeAway

Thinking of your next vacation? Beach Getaway is the perfect kind of getaway for these cold months. I know not all of us can afford a flight ticket to the other half of the world just to get a few days under the sun but if you have a chance, why not? Just keep wishing for it and maybe you might get a sponsor trip from a resort or from a travel website.  Until last Saturday I had been on holidays for 2-3 weeks, and I visited 5 countries during this period. I started my holidays with Malta then went

Label Obsession – Love Triangle

So I discovered a new label on and I am absolutely obsessed. The label is called Love Triangle. While I am not sure what is the inspiration behind the brand name I think it is a love triangle between the romantic lace, the sheerness of mesh and the solid lining under each garment. I have already bought 3 dresses from this brand including 2 in the same style!! I have never own 2 dresses in the same style before so you see how much I love this label. Check it out here at Asos

Milan Fashion Week FW16 : Rainy Saturday

Today it's cold and rainy in Milan, almost feel like I am living in London. Maybe it is a sign that I should really move there? I have been feeling "London Calling" the past few weeks. The weather might be blue, the fashion scene of Milan Fashion Week however is as vibrant as ever. I spotted a lot of colorful clothes, beautiful print, silk, chiffon, tulle and feather. All kind of fabrics you don't expect to see on ordinary people when it is raining outside. Everyone including myself dress like it is spring already. I chose to go for a

Porta Venezia Park During Winter

Last Sunday I got a chance to work with Alberto Fogliata, freelance photographer based in Milan. I discovered a new hidden spot in Milan which is Villa Reale Comunale. Seriously who would have thought there is a beautiful garden hidden in the heart of Milan? But then again Milan is full of hidden spots that are usually known only to the real Milanese. We also went around,  Giardini pubblici Indro Montanelli, the Park in Porta Venezia. I remember the last time I was here was last summer. The park looks so different in Winter than in summer, it is more dry

Meet the New It-Girls Swimwear Brand “Same Swim”

Last year, the bikinis we have seen on It-Girls all over Instagram are “Kiini.” While Kiinii, the colorful bikinis made from crochet and scuba fabric might be on the expensive side, it is so popular that it was sold out in every single online shopping website from Net-A-Porter to Barney. You might have spotted Kiini on celebrities and fashion blogger such as Anna Dello Russo, Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Dree Hemmingway. As new year started, I am sure the it-girls are now looking for another cool bikinis to wear on her getaway or on her holidays trip and let me

Sicily – Write Your Own Future

This morning, I woke up to a whole new level of consciousness. It’s like I have been living my life unconsciously all this while. I was there in every single event in my life but I was not fully present. I let other people defined how my life turns out to be because I think there is something called destiny. But now I have realized that the only person who has the power to determine my future is me. I am the author of my own life. In fact, everybody has this ability to create their own destiny, it is

I Dreamed a Dream, Bangkok Night

For this post, I am taking you back to where I come from, Bangkok. Bangkok is a place I can always call home. It is my comfort zone, a place I know the best, a place where I can always find my friends. It has been a very long time since I left Bangkok but somehow I can always feel at ease whenever I go back there. Maybe because I know that whenever I go there, there will be people waiting to see me. Now that I think about it, I have spent 7 years abroad in 4 different countries,
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