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Meet Me Under The Stars in Boracay

Boracay is a place where people come for experiences. Whatever it is you are after, white sand beaches, crazy parties, luxury dinners, cheap street foods, island tours, cliff diving tour, parasailing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, massages, spas, shopping, helicopter tour, this island has it all. The range of resorts on this island is pretty diverse. You can find something ranging from a budget hostel to the most luxury resorts and apartments. Most of the luxury hotels are located in station 1 on White beach where it is quieter. But considering that most of the party scenes are on station 2, you will still hear some noise at night. If you are looking for something more private and you don’t mind being far away from the nightlife then Tambisaan beach is the best choice for you. Situated in the middle of Manoc Manoc, Tambisaan beach is a golden sands beach with clear water and is good for diving. The beach is serene and peaceful making it a perfect location for a luxury apartment like Under The Stars.

Under The Stars is huge luxury villa, the villa is consists of 4 apartments, each comes with over 500 sqm space, 1 master bedroom with transparent shower room, transparent sinks and a bathtub, 2 guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a spacious living room, a fully equipped kitchen with European appliances, a dining area, a cinema room and a full length balcony facing the beach which you can use as a dining space or just a relaxing space in the afternoon with the view of Tambisaan beach. The villa also comes with a beautiful swimming pool that looks just like the ones in Hollywood movie. If you are looking to be pampered and feel like during your holiday getaways or want to feel like you are living in the movie, look no further, this is the best holiday stay for you!

Upon arrival at the apartment, we were greeted by Ms.Bianca who is the admin of the apartment and the security guards. We got to enjoy the facilities to the fullest. My second favorite part of the apartment is balcony as it made me feel free and relax just by standing in the corner of the balcony. My most favorite part of the apartment is, of course, the swimming pool. It was a pity that during our stay it was windy most of the time and cloudy as well so the water was cold.  But on my last day, I decided that I need to swim in that pool so I did it anyway and I felt amazing. Check out the photos we took at the apartment. I have decided to color this set of photos with the Hollywood color as I want them to look like the scene from a Hollywood movie.

Stay tuned for the apartment tour where I will be showing you the interior of the apartment. I will be including it in my Philippines Travel Vlog Series and will link it here after the video is up 😉

Special thanks to Under The Stars Luxury Apartment for hosting us during my birthday trip.

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