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70S Vintage Floral Shirt and The Perfect Sunset in Bangkok

Today I wanted to try something new with my photos and edited them with the vintage look but ended up going back to my usual Hollywood look which I currently use on my Instagram because I couldn't get the desired look I have in mind. I got so inspired by the 70S fashion photos I found on Pinterest. If you are following me on Instagram you would have seen that on my Insta-story. Which is why the next day I had to do this vintage inspire photo-shoot with my new floral shirt from H&M, new denim shorts from H&M and

Spontaneous Photoshoot in the Outskirt of Bangkok

I went to the lake in the outskirt of Bangkok last weekend because I want to try wake-boarding but somehow ended up being a model. The photo-shoot was totally unplanned so excuse my tired face. It was 4pm, super hot, super sunny, there was nothing glamorous about it. The location however was perfect, it was a huge empty space full of big containers but somehow somebody decided to put a chair there making it looks like a film set. This is the reason why I edited these photos in 35mm film color to match the mood of the shoot.  

Sunset Swim with Mara Hoffman

Am I the only person who is obsessed with sunsets and sunrises? Maybe not. But in my life, I have never met anyone who likes sunsets and sunrises as much as I do. I learned to appreciate these little things in life and these little changes totally changed my life around. I became happier every day as I spread the energy of love and joy to other people. I don't remember the last time I was really angry with something. Every day my life is full of joy and happiness. I am carefree and worried-free. I let go of controlling
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Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel

During my stay in Boracay, I got a chance to film my travel film and travel vlog at Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel. The film and the vlog are still under post production but here are the sneak peaks from the shoot. The hotel got some unique spots for filming. My favourite is, of course, the balcony of the Executive Suite. From this balcony, you can see the view of the famous white beach. Needless to say, the best time to be on this balcony is during the sunset as the sunset in Boracay is one of the most beautiful in the


So back in 2011, I had a youtube channel with a couple of videos on it. Some of my videos at at time received over 10,000 views before I decided to delete them!! Why did I delete them? Oh well, I was young and was not able to handle negative comments on the internet that well. Of course there were a lot of positive comments on my videos but the negative comments really hurt me and caused me to stop youtube and focus on blogging. This year, 2017, I have decided to start my Youtube channel again. I have not
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Meet Me Under The Stars in Boracay

Boracay is a place where people come for experiences. Whatever it is you are after, white sand beaches, crazy parties, luxury dinners, cheap street foods, island tours, cliff diving tour, parasailing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, massages, spas, shopping, helicopter tour, this island has it all. The range of resorts on this island is pretty diverse. You can find something ranging from a budget hostel to the most luxury resorts and apartments. Most of the luxury hotels are located in station 1 on White beach where it is quieter. But considering that most of the party scenes are on station 2, you will

NA-KD’s Off Shoulder Choker Crop Top

Three favorite street style trends in one! This top from NA-KD has it all, it's cropped, it got a choker and it's off the shoulder. You couldn't have asked for a more perfect top for this season. Plus the fact that's it's black makes it so versatile, you can match it with almost anything. Here I chose to wear it with my go-to Zara denim skirt that I bought years ago and my go-to belt of the season, the western belt from ASOS. My newest Flash Backpack from  Les Petits Joueurs, the classic nude and black heels from Veronique Branquinho and my

Catching the Sunrise with Gabriela Bell

I had a chance to work with Fashion Photographer and Blogger, Gabriela Bell which you might know her as @chiclebelle on Instagram when I was living in Milan. Gabri and I decided to wake up early in on a breezy Sunday in Italian Spring to this special photoshoot together and I have to say that the photos we got worth a lot more than hours that we could have spent sleeping in on a Sunday morning. I believe that when you put two people with the same vision and passion together, they are unstoppable. I am so grateful to have met

Getting Summer Ready with For Love and Lemons

Summer is finally here! Well at least in most parts of the world including Europe and America :) I am so jealous of everyone who had warm sun and clear blue sky right now because as I am typing this I am watching the rain pouring down and the sky turns dark even though it is just 6PM.  To get myself in into summer mood, I booked myself a plane ticket to Sydney at the end of the year. Yep you heard it right, it will during the new year holidays which is summer in Australia and I am already
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