Porta Venezia Park During Winter

Last Sunday I got a chance to work with Alberto Fogliata, freelance photographer based in Milan. I discovered a new hidden spot in Milan which is Villa Reale Comunale. Seriously who would have thought there is a beautiful garden hidden in the heart of Milan? But then again Milan is full of hidden spots that are usually known only to the real Milanese. We also went around,  Giardini pubblici Indro Montanelli, the Park in Porta Venezia. I remember the last time I was here was last summer. The park looks so different in Winter than in summer, it is more dry and less green but nonetheless still beautiful. 
Today I am wearing Hugo Boss Coat which is my go-to coat for this winter as it matches with everything I have in my closet. It can easily be dressed up or down depending on the style you want. I started to like Hugo Boss because of the quality to price ratio which is really high. You can see that Hugo Boss is using the best materials and excellence craftsmanship in their designs while the price is much more affordable than other luxury brands in the market like Burberry or Gucci.

Photographer : Alberto Fogliata

Sofia Supichaya

Sofia Supichaya

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