Sicily So Much Light – Mount Etna and Ancient Greek Theatre of Taormina

“I dreamed of a life full of adventures, I asked for a life full of adventures and I am living it.” this is probably what I would say to myself after looking at my photos during 2014-2015. I started my work life abroad in Malaysia in 2014, continue my journey in Indonesia on the same year then moved to Italy eight months ago. Though life has not always been easy moving from one country to another, it is surely full of adventures, memories and experiences. Most of all, it gave me a chance to travel. Since I moved to Italy this year, I have traveled to Torino, Verona, Lugano, Ibiza, Barcelona, Napoli, Positano, Salerno and Sicily. This summer I have discovered one thing about myself; I love outdoor-adventure much more than strolling in the city. Exploring the new city and trying new food is good but nothing beat the feeling of being on top of the volcano, exploring 2000 years old ancient ruins or swimming in the Mediterranean sea. 

I have to admit I did no know about Mount.Etna when I purchased a plane ticket to Palermo. I remember I was sad when I found out there is an active Volcano on Sicily and I wished I had purchases a plane ticket to Catania instead. I was searching for a way to travel between Palermo and Catania using public transportation but there was none. Then I searched for a tour but the tour that leave from Palermo was way too expensive (more than 200 euros per person for a one day trip if I recall correctly.) Since I am really stubborn by nature 😉 , I kept searching and searching until I found a tour that leaves from Cefalu and it is a lot cheaper than the one from Palermo. I calculated how much time it would need to go from Mondello to Palermo and from Palermo to Cefalu and in the end we purchased it.This is a one day excursion trip for visiting Taormina and Mount Etna. Since the trip begin  in Cefalu we had to take a taxi from Mondello to Palermo Centrale at 5AM because no bus would leave that early then take a train from Palermo Centrale to Cefalu Centrale where the tour bus picked us up. 

Taormina is a famous resort town of Sicily, the obvious reason is because the scenery here is beautiful but the other reason is that it is convenient to come here as it’s only an hour drive from Catania airport plus Mount. Etna is only 30 mins away from Taormina town. Ancient Theatre of Taormina or Teatro Antico di Taormina in Italian is an ancient Greek theatre built during the 3rd century B.C and expanded by the Romans. From here you can see the view of Mount Etna. 

Mount Etna is the largest volcano in Europe and the most active one. The history of eruption of Mount Etna dated back more than 2000 years. Impressive, right? I was told by the tour guide that Mount Etna is the sister of  Mount Vesuvius and Mount Stromboli. Whenever there is an eruption on Mount Etna, you  can also see some volcanic activities on the other two sister volcanoes.

The scenery on top of Mount. Etna as you climb higher and higher is surreal so is the scenery at the bottom when you look down from Mount. Etna. Mount Etna is full of black ashes and volcanic stones making it feel like you are out of this world, like you are on top of the moon or another planet.

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