The Famous Mondello Beach of Palermo

It’s all started with a simple question “Palermo or Catania?” 
Sicily is a big island, bigger than some countries so you can imagine once you fly to one of the major cities (Catania or Palermo), it’s very hard to move to the other without a car, especially when the two cities are on the west and east side of the island. Palermo is on the west end while Catania is on the east. Finally I decided to go to Palermo ,following an advice from my friend who went to Palermo earlier this year, she suggested me to go to Palermo and stay on Mondello Beach which I did exactly as she told me. I booked plan tickets to Palermo and I booked an Airbnb apartment in Mondello, 1 km walking distance from Mondello beach. Although in the end I ended up going to both Catania and Palermo . My Sicily trip, in total, lasts 8 days and 7 nights, I spent all my nights in Mondello but my days in different cities across the island which I will talk about that in the next few posts.
Mondello is a nice, quiet town, everything can be reach within a walking distance(if you consider 1-3km a walking distance) The beach itself was recommended by websites to be one of the best beaches on Sicily. I have to admit that after seeing Playa de ses Illetes of Formentera I have a higher standard of how a beautiful beach in Europe looks like. The water in Mondello beach is clean but the color doesn’t appear bright blue as it looks like in the photos online, the sands are not white but golden brown color. But when you consider that this beach is only 20-30 minutes drive from Palermo town, it is not bad. I can imagine how wonderful it is to live in Palermo city center and come here every weekend just to relax near the beach. On this beach you can see a lot of sun beds and umbrellas for rent which is really convenience but I would prefer to see a beach without sun beds and other unnatural objects because they kind of cover the true beauty of the beach. The most wonderful thing about this place is the foods, my Airbnb host recommended me restaurants, gelaterias, bars, bakery shops and grocery stores to go to during my stay. The food here is amazing, as you might noticed from my previous foods, I love seafood so much and Sicily has the best prawns on earth. I’m not even kidding you have to come here and try them yourself. The prawns are red and the size is very big. Now that I am thinking about how delicious the prawns are, I feel like catching the flight to Sicily tomorrow just to have those prawns again. 

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