Fall Hottest Trend: Over the Knee Boots

Scarf: Urbancode | Jumper: Asos | Skirt: Zara | Boots: Maiyet | Bag: Stella McCartney | Hat: Asos | Earrings: Asos
Over the knee boots are no doubt Fall biggest trend. They make a perfect statement piece to every outfit. They look effortlessly chic on the models on the runway, complimenting their long legs but in real life over the knee boots might be a little big tricky to pull them off. They are challenging; but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth a try. All you need to do is pick a perfect pair for your body type. Just because you might not have long lean legs like supermodels but that does not mean that you can’t look good in these boots. For me these Maiyet boots are everything I was looking for, from the width of the boots, the heel height to the material of the boots. I bought them online but I was sure they are going to fit my legs because when I saw them on the model I can see there are space for her legs to move so I pick them and damn I was right. When I tried them on, they fit me like a glove and the fact that the material is a soft leather makes them comfortable enough for everyday look. I also love the almond toe because they looks more edgy than the round toe. If you are blessed with super models legs, I say you can pull off any over the knee boots. If you think your legs might be too skinny then pick a pair with fringe details to add some volume to your legs and if you are worried that your legs might not fit into those skinny boots then pick a pair with wider shape. And remember that the pair of over the knee boots itself is already a statement piece so you don’t want to overdo the outfit by pairing them with va-va-voom dress because you might receive a lot of attention in the wrong way wearing that kind of outfit.
Styling over the knee boots also plays and important factor on how your overall look turns out. If you would like to look taller pair them with a mini dress or mini skirt that hits right at the thighs and leaves a little bit of space between your dress/skirt’s hemline and the boots. If you are curvy or you are afraid that the boots will make you look too sexy, you should pair the boots with black mini skirt and something casual like oversize jumper that the hemline hits your bum like what I am wearing here. If you want to look elegant and make over the knee boots friendly then pair them with a pencil skirt and a formal jacket. What ever your body type is, I am sure you can look amazing with the right pair of over the knee boots.
To see how I style the boots for another outfit click HERE.


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