2015 Travel Diaries: Ibiza – Formentera

Probably anyone who has been to Formentera thought “Can
I just stay here for the rest of my life? I don’t know what I will do here but
I would do anything, please just let me live here”. Formentera is a proof that
paradise on earth actually does exist and it’s crazy to know that this little
island is just 40 minutes away from the crazy party island of Ibiza by a ferry.
The only strange thing is that this
island, though located in Spain, is full of Italians. The only restaurant on
the beach is also an Italian restaurant. For a moment, I thought I was sent
back to Italy!! I met a guy from Naples, Italy and to told me that it’s cheaper
to come here than to go to Sardinia so probably this is the reason why so many
Italian loves to come here even though they have many famous islands in their

Some people think that I am crazy to be a girl traveling
alone but to me I have never felt less lonely than when I am traveling alone. I
met a new friend from Germany on the way to Formentera and she recommended me
to go to Playa de ses Illetes. Little did I know that this beach is so
famous that even Tripadvisor awarded it as the second most beautiful beach in
Europe after Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa. By chance or by luck, I am so thankful
to have met this girl and that she brought me here. Playa de ses Illetes has insanely long white sandy beach that lead to the tip of the island. I walked to the northern end of the beach and found a perfect spot to swim and of course to take a photo! At the tip, the water is deeper so you can see the water appear in turquoise and blue. Here you can also find the stunning red rocks that make the beach even more special! I also swam to the little island in front of Playa de ses Illetes, here you can find the best view of the beach and the Barealic sea in general! Too bad my camera is not waterproof so I cannot take a photo from there to show you how amazing it was, I basically stand there for 15 minutes to appreciate the view ( Of course after spending a good effort swimming there I didn’t want to leave instantly). I am planning to get a GoPro Hero so next time I go on an island trip I can take a camera with me while swimming, take a photo underwater and show you how clear the water is and how pretty the underwater scene looks.
All of the photos are taken by myself except the ones with me inside the photo and I can tell you they are hardly edited. I tried my best to show you the real color of the sea. 
Wearing my favorite white asymmetric bikinis set and another set of simple black bikinis. Both from Yamamay.
Sofia Supichaya

Sofia Supichaya

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