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Sorry guys I haven’t been active here but a lot have happened between February and August and I spent most of my time moving between countries during the period so I was quite busy. Here is a little summary of my life during the past few months 🙂
A few days after my trip to Phuket and Pang-Nga, I went back to Malaysia only to pack everything and then move back to Bangkok after only a few days. I barely had enough time to say good bye to all my friends in Malaysia but my friends were awesome. They threw a surprise farewell/birthday party for me before I flew back to Thailand. I moved in to my family’s apartment in Bangkok where my sister is staying because it was close to my office in Bangkok. I knew I would have about 1-2 months here so I didn’t bother to find another place to live in. Besides, this apartment has a gym and a pool which I used quite often after work. 
It’s also good to see Bangkok sunset again.

 But after less than a month of moving back, I had to go to Milan for a training/meeting for two weeks. This time I was not so excited because I knew I would be moving here for two years in May anyway but it was good to see all my friends from work again.

It was a bit cold in Milan at that time.
After two weeks in Milan I was back in Bangkok for a month, here I got to spend my time with my friends and family before moving away for 2 years.
This was the last sunset in Bangkok I saw before moving to Milan
After 12 hours direct fight, I was finally back to Milan again.
I enjoy shopping from A LOT! 😀 😀 😀
This time I shop for sport-wears too as I decided to have a more healthy life and started doing some exercise. 
I got to visit some museum on my first weeks.

 But I spent most of my time searching for an apartment. I visited 25 apartments in total until I finally found one.
And I discovered my new passion of house decorating. I made several trips to Zara Home ( I know I love everything from Zara and probably I should move to Spain).

I attended a fashion event at Wok store where my friend is working.
And got to walk around the city during Milan Men Fashion Week. Sadly I didn’t meet any famous fashion bloggers or Models.

In July it starts to be very warm in Milan, I already got tanned. 
In Italy there is a tradition called “Appertivo” or happy hour. Every night at around 6pm-9pm depending on a bar you can get a drink with free buffet style food. For this reason, it is a popular time to hangout with friends in Italy. I have been to a few places for Apperitivo in Milan but my favourite place is here at Sheraton Diana Majestic Hotel because of the beautiful garden and pond located right in the heart of the city.
I was supposed to have more photos here but I lost my photos from June-July because my iPhone didn’t sync with iPhoto properly 🙁 
But this is it. It pretty much summarised my life for the past 6 months. Noticed my skin color have changed from fair to golden tan after only just 3 months in Italy –” and I was always using a sunscreen with SPF50 when I have to stay outside for a long time.  Also my body began to tone up after I started doing my home exercise. My weight is almost the same as before but I could wear my clothes when I was 5 kgs less than now 🙂
Sofia Supichaya

Sofia Supichaya

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    1. Thank you! I am living in Milan now so you can drop by anytime and hopefully we can meet 🙂 I saw that you are now working for DVF which is one of my all time favorite brand. Congrats on your big achievement ka!

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