2015 Travel Diaries: Phang-nga and Tachai Island

It took me a little (!?)longer than I thought to put the second part of my travel diaries online but here it is. The second day of my trip was on 16 Feb 2015 which was my birthday and this year it was really special to me because I got to celebrate it with my mom on the paradise called Tachai Island in Thailand. Tachai Island( in Thai เกาะตาชัย  pronounced as Ko Tachia or Koh Tachai ) is one of the islands in The Similan Archipelago and a part of Phang-nga province. Tachai Island was just opened for the tourist not so long ago. Currently it is not possible to stay over on the island. The reason that Tachai Island is so popular in Thailand right now is because of its amazing 700 meters white sand beach and the crystal clear blue-turquoise water ( just take a look at my photos and tell me you are not in love). It is also well known to be an amazing dive side. Honestly as a person who have visited almost all the famous islands in Thailand, I think this is the most beautiful island I’ve ever seen and the fact that it has just been open to the tourists not so long ago means that the nature is un-destroyed. The best time to come here is from February which is the summer season in Thailand. The island is closed during June-October.
Sofia Supichaya

Sofia Supichaya

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