OOTD: Topshop (Almost) Total Look

I love Topshop so much, ever since I was introduced to this brand I was hooked. At first I was not dare to buy anything from Topshop because the price tag is really high for a normal Thai student like me and my parents support the sufficiency economy lifestyle. 
In Thailand (at least when I was a high school student), people don’t really buy expensive clothes, many people buy non-brand clothes because they are a lot more affordable than high-street brand clothes and they suit Thai-salary more. But now everything seem to change a lot, Thai teenagers are now wearing more expensive clothes and now using high-end brand handbag and I don’t know whether it is because Thai lifestyle has changed or it is because I was young and now I am older so people of the older age tends to buy more expensive stuffs or because people just want to own what their richer friends own. For me I don’t buy expensive clothes because they are expensive, I buy them because of the design and because of the quality. If they can make high-street brand clothes as cheap as non-brand clothes, I would wear them because I don’t wear something to make people think I am rich or to feel expensive.
 I admit that I do feel guilty when I buy something expensive(comparing to the rate of living in Thailand) but as my passion for fashion grows, my style has changed a lot and the non-brand clothes do not make me feel good in them anymore because they are not as beautiful as high-street clothes. Therefore, the solution for me is to save money by myself to buy the clothes I want. Ever since then I start buying Topshop, H&M, Zara and other high street brand clothes. And in the future when I will work, I can use my own money to buy all the stuffs I want without feeling guilty or even design clothes for myself.

Topshop Lovesleeve Open Shoulder Top

Topshop Day of Dead Floral Egg Shape Tulip Skirt
Topshop Acrobatics Irridescent Wedge Hi Tops
Zara strand necklace in shiny golden colours
Sofia Supichaya

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