2012 Collective Haul: Part 1 Accessories

Happy new year 2013 to all fashionistas! 
Thank you for subscribing to my blog and been reading my blog for the past years. 
I have started this blog in 2009 when I was 18 as a beauty blog under the name “Asian Beauty Blog”. However as I grew up my interest in make up and beauty stuffs has decreased and my interest in fashion has over-shined my interest in make up. Therefore in 2012 I have changed the name of my blog to “A Dress Girl” In this new blog I will post mostly about fashion and I will sometimes post about cosmetics (mostly gonna be my review). The name “A Dress Girl” is a name I came up with by myself. I know it’s not really a good name,I really suck at naming haha. As the name say I am a dress girl, I love wearing dresses but I don’t wear only dresses, I do wear separates too. 
To celebrate the new blog and to apologize to my readers that I haven’t written that many blog posts nor done YouTube vdos in the past year, in 2013 I will do many blog posts and now I am writing a blog os 2012 COLLECTIVE HAUL!!!! I will show you guys what I have bought in 2012 and how my style have changed from the year 2010 and 2011. I will divide the massive haul post into 3 parts. Part 1 is about accessories, Part 2 is about shoes&bags, Part 3 is about clothes. 
I hope you all will enjoy my posts. Feel free to make any comments and please share if you like my post and my style 
 1. Fasinator/Headband from Diva
2. Vintage Pearl Collar Necklace
3. Pearl Floral Headband from Diva
4. Feather Hair Clip from Jatujak weekend market in Thailand

5. Blue Swarovski Crystal earrings from Krystal
6. Purple Flower And Jewel Drop Earrings from Asos
7. Colorful Jewel Bangle from one shop in Thailand
8. Marabou Feather Earrings from  Asos
9. Pink Pastel Chainmail Drop Earrings from  Asos
10. Collar Necklace from  Jatujak weekend market in Thailand
11. Beaded  Leather Bracelet from MNG
12. Sequin Hoops Drop Earrings from Diva
13. Black Sparkle Drop Earrings from Diva

14. Pastel Chandelier Earrings from  Asos
15. Pastel Chandelier Necklace from  Asos
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