Nail Rock and Lip Products Review

Nail Rock and Lip Products Review
Here is my post about the beauty
product I bought recently; I haven’t bought any beauty product except eyeliner
for a long time already since I spent most of my money on clothes and accessories
in the past year. I was going to do a video review but can’t find a time to do
it yet since I just finished my semester and flew back to Thailand just 4-5
days ago. I am so glad my semester is over now I can have time to do more blog
post, go shopping, do DIY stuffs and also practice fashion drawing.

1. Nail Rock Nail Wraps:
Rock Beauty Rock
Book Gift Set
Normally a single packet of Nail Rock cost £6.70 but this set
contains three Nail Rocks and the price for this set is £10.00. Also I bought
it on sale for £8.00
so it is a super bargain. This
set contains a selection of on-trend designs with metallic tribal print, red
spots print and jade quail print.
For those of you who never heard of Nail Rock, it is a high quality nail
stickers which16 professional nail shape cut in each packet. It lasts around
7-10 days but can be chipped if you wash your hand with hot water a lot since
the back is adhesive.

bought my first Nail Rock a month when I was doing an internet shopping at As soon as I received the package I fell in love with the vivid print
and the quality of Nail wraps so when I see this limited edition gift set I
know I have to have it even though I only like 2 prints out of 3. The one I don’t
like is the red dot print so I am using it first. Here is how the red dot nail
rock looks on my nail.
haven’t tried other print yet because I save the best for last, my favorite is
the jade quilt since it reminded me of YSL turquoise ring.

swatches of the polka dot nail rock nail wraps

How the ad photo look
2. Givenchy Lip Gloss
      I have been looking for
a pretty glitter lip gloss with a beautiful packaging for a long time and this
instantly caught my eyes. The name of this lip gloss is Gelée d’Interdit Smoothing
Gloss Balm Crystal Shine
in Acoustic Wild Rose No.18 The packing is very elegant and modern. The combination
of transparent and metallic silver is just perfect!! The color of the gloss is
semi-sheer jelly like texture with multi shimmers that reflect the light like
a diamond. It is just so pretty that I can just stare at it for days or use it
as a decoration to my room, unfortunately I am not that rich to buy all the
shades available TT The
gloss is both plumping and hydrating and give my lips an extra shine that I
like. It is the smoothest, best consistency I’ve ever experienced in a gloss,  I will definitely buy more next time I go to the duty free. BEST LIP GLOSS I HAVE EVER SEEN! This gloss is $27.50 at Sephora but in Lotte Duty free at Incheon international
airport it costs $27 which is a lot
cheaper than the retails price in the Korean department store and it is cheap
enough for the designer brand lip gloss

3. Korres Lip Butter

      I have been using Lamer lip balm for more than a year now and
I am very pleased with how good it is. Sadly the price is really high and I am
running out of it so I want to find a replacement with a cheaper price. I heard
so many good things about Korres lip butter so I just gave it a try.
Unfortunately this lip butter does not do any good to my dry lips. The war just
sits on my lips without sinking or hydrating but for the price it is acceptable.
The price for this lip butter is £7.00 but I bought it on sale
for £4.00. I bought this lip butter in the color
pomegranate which is a coral that suits my Asian skin tone pretty well. For
winter I will continue using my Lamer lip balm and
I will use this Korres lip butter in spring/summer when my lips are less dry.

4. Lunasol Shimmer Lip Gloss
This is a limited edition summer 2011 lip gloss, it has pretty pink shimmer and is very sheer. It gives almost no color so you can add this to any lipstick you have to give a bit of the glitter. Pretty! I love it when I saw it last year but since I saw Givenchy gloss this lip glosss in not that special anymore, still pretty though. 

This is the last post of 2012 but it is the first post since my school vacation, I plan to blog a lot more often about fashion and beauty so please subscribe and support me.

Happy New Year
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