Fall 2011 Haul from H&M, Zara, Topshop, Forever21

OMG Long time no post !!!O.o

I just realized that the last time I actually write a blog was August 2011
Well I’ve been kinda busy mainly because I got a boyfriend and been spending almost every single seconds with him ( well that’s a bit exaggerated 😛 ) anyway now I’m back with blogging and also back to YouTube too

My first post of November 2011 is the haul from  H&M, Zara, Topshop, Forever21

The first piece is Zara  jeggings and here is how it look

Second one is Zara blazer in a really bright Magenta color
The third one from Zara is a polka-dot chiffon blouse with peter-pan colllar

 Next is a Sweater form H&m
 Chunky-knit sweater with glittery threads in the yarn.


16% cotton, 58% acrylic, 19% metallicised fibre, 7% polyester.Machine wash warm

The same sweater in black with silver lining

Next H&m Leather pants with elastic detail on the side
Last one is form Topshop
Premium velvet playsuit in midnight blue with wrap over front, open back detail and long voluminous sleeves. 91% Polyester,9% Elastane. Machine washable.

What I wore in the video is form forever 21


  1. Zara TRF jeggings 1290 THB
  2. Zara Blazer in magenta 2990 THB 139000 Won
  3. Zara polka-dot chiffon blouse with peter-pan collar 59000 won
  4. H&m Chunky-knit sweater with glittery threads in the yarn in brown 49000 won 29.95 USD
  5. H&m Chunky-knit sweater with glittery threads in the yarn in black 49000 won 29.95 USD
  6. H&m Leather pants with elastic detail on the side 39000 won 24.95 USD
  7. Topshop Premium velvet play suit Price: £55.00
  8. Forever21 3/4 Slv Metallic Knit Top 19,800 won 15.80 USD
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