Packing + Eating +Shopping at Zara

Packing is the most painful thing of the semester TT

I used 3 boxes to put all my clothes last semester and 1 box for shoes, not sure about this semester. I think I have more clothes (still a little bit more in the wardrobe and drawers :O )

 Since I used up all my enerygy for packing ( still not done) I went out with my roommate to eat shabushabu. Yummy!!!

 Then we went to Zara store for shopping ( you might wonder how am I gonna carry my clothes back)

 Then we went to coffee shop and from the window of this coffee shop we can see a new salon, the decoration is a little too 22th century, I thought that was a spacecraft :P)

UPDATE:: this is why it takes time for girls to pack 🙁

can’t decide which make up to bring back to Thailand TT

 I might need this I might need that

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