Look for Less: Erdem VS Topshop !!

Style challenge

Erdem Margot Lace Dress

Topshop Red 3/4 Sleeve Lace Dress

Left: Erdem : Price 1960 pound ( from Erdem spring 2011 collection)
Right: Topshop : Price 48 pound
This two dresses are incredibly similar!! like a sister , well of course the Erdem one look prettier and has a nicer lace detail but for someone who has no interest in fashion these two are exactly the same. Topshop is a lot less expensive but still not cheap. But as we all know the quality of Topshop clothes are quite good as far as high street brand concern.

Sadly they don’t have Topshop store in Korea so I can’t get that dress 🙁 omg I want it so badly

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