Forever21 Haul :) + Holika holika

Ok, How to start? Umm
well things actually start when I saw one gladiator shoes in forever website(the silver metallic one that I used to post in a last entry) I kinda want that shoes, so I kindda hesitate whether I should get in online or go to the store to check it out for real.
The week before was my bad week. I feel like I need to do something to realax so finally I ask my Tunisian friend if she want to go shopping in Seoul and she said yes and that’s it!!!
I cannot fins that gladiator shoes but I found this one instead, it was 14500 won(around 13$) It’s pretty reasonable price and it’s actually look good when i try it on so I get it

Next I walk to the accessories section and I found this necklace/blacelet. I’ver never seen anything like this before so I get one. It was pretty expensive though(for a necklace). I was 9800 won(9$)
Next I walk pass the sale section and I saw this top, I think it gonna look good on me so that I tried it on and It actually is. It was 14500 won(discount from 29800)
Next I walked to the “Last piece” sale and found this. It was discount from 51800 to 24990 won (23$)
and also this gorgeous dress that I can wear to party. I was not gonna get it but I saw the price, it was discount from 59800 to 12990 won !!!!!! OMG!! so I try it on and it fit me O_O
I spent 3 hours there in total….

After that I walk pass a shop call Holikaholika. It is a newest Korean drugstore brand and it first open 2 days ago. Look at how pretty the store is

The products from this brand were verygood, compare to other drugstore brand from Korea. I love eyeshadows, the colores are georgeous. Make up brushes are pretty cheap too I got this for 3500 won and it doesn’t hurt my eye at all. The eyeshadow is 4000 won each
Finally I got these for a gift…
It was the best day in Korea for me ^^
PS. I will tell you another amazing stories about mac give me liberty of London eyeshadow, dame desire in the next entry ^^
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